How are we different to your local Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney?

When it comes to Vietnamese restaurants, Sydney residents have a wide and diverse range to choose from. From the small but well-established family-owned affairs to the proliferation of stylish modern eateries all over the city – an increasing number of people are heeding Sydney’s call for more of this tasty and healthy cuisine.

By Two Sisters is exactly that: two sisters (Thu and Thy) making amazing Vietnamese cuisine. The flavours we provide are just like our mother and her mother (and many mothers before that!) made for their daughters. All the distinctive flavours – whether it’s a hot kick of chilli or the tang of lemon grass – immediately reminds us of our family.

However, not many of Sydney’s Vietnamese restaurants can boast the ease and convenience offered by By Two Sisters. We specialise in home and office delivery of Vietnamese meals that are as tasty and flavoursome as they are fresh and healthy. Our menu includes authentic soups and salads that can be kept in the fridge for anytime enjoyment of a delicious and satisfying meal – that doesn’t sacrifice flavour for health.

All menu items are quick and easy to prepare either at home or at work, so there’s no excuse to reach for that fatty sausage roll or pre-made curry on your next lunch break.

Our three-step system means By Two Sisters is one of the easiest ways to enjoy traditional Vietnamese food – anywhere, anytime. Simply place your order using our user-friendly online ordering system, mix together the ingredients, and enjoy!